Monday, September 27, 2010

Sound Samples

Going into this project without a very clear direction, I first started to take samples of sounds that I have always found comforting, rain hitting my roof, the hum of an engine passing slowly by. After taking a few samples of sounds like this, I decided to try and flip the switch, and find sounds that were inherently not relaxing. I took samples of the busy city street, a sample of shoes clicking on tile and tapping impatiently, and even samples of awkward conversations had in a crowded elevator. The resulting seven clips can be found here:

I think that going forward, I would like to make some kind of installation that attempts to play with your mind. First the sounds are low, soft and soothing. Then, you are abruptly woken up from this kind of dream state and thrown into oncoming traffic, or other such scary/uncomfortable situations. The uncomfortable noises lasting only briefly at first, but over time they will seem to take over, until there is finally nothing but harsh nerve wracking sound.

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