Thursday, October 28, 2010

Piezo Sound Samples... Finally

Sorry for the delay! Some of these samples are me trying to get the levels right with the m-audio. There are also a few really cool ones that I took up in Kensington when there was a big fire going on, and a few that are songs that I recorded at band practice. There is an extra drum kit in our practice space, so for each song I tried taping the mic to a different drum head to see how the sound would turn out. For the most part it was pretty garbled, but there was one drum that did a really great job of recording.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Piezo mic sound samples

I have had some issues with trying to attain a recording device that would properly pick up the vibrations I'm getting from my microphone. First I thought my iPhone would be able to do so, but I was mistaken. Then, my back up plan of using garage band on my computer failed because I was unable to figure out how to change the input settings in the program. I also tried changing the input settings in my computers preferences, but that did not work as I had hoped either.

Long story short, I have an m-audio device that I am taking out of the equipment room today, so I should have recordings to post to my blog very soon.

This is a place holder!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sound Installation Progress

Here are pictures of my potential sound installation ideas, along with a video of my progress and a link to my sound cloud account where my sound clips live!

This first idea is supposed to be a comment about our vanity and our obsession with how others perceive us. I thought it would be interesting to explore the kind of reactions people would have if they had to sit in front of a mirror listening to the sounds of people laughing. How uncomfortable would they be? What kind of emotions would they be feeling?

For my second idea I wanted to comment on the fact that in todays world we are busy and self centered. We are always talking, but never really listening. I wanted to play off of that idea by presenting the viewer of my piece with this very familiar image of a tin can phone. Everyone knows that you are supposed to talk into it and then listen for what your friend has to say, however, with this phone all you hear is someone talking at you and you never get any time to respond. Just listening. How does that feel?

I'm not sure as of yet what the audio will be. I am thinking it will either be of a woman I recorded in the subway who was trying to give a speech but was being ignored, or it might be a recording of people asking rhetorical questions.